• My Biography

    "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"- Albert Einstein.

    I am Informatics Engineer who likes almost everything related with computers,including of course photography. I got into the world of photography with a small digital camera, which didnt even have screen, was a crappy one, but it was all I needed to find interesting and beauty the photography. After that i had another little camera, not really good, but enough to make some pictures. Since 2010 I have a Sony camera, not even reflex, but suitable to make some good pictures. It was good that the camera is not really good, so it made me learn how to make nice photos, using the whole power of this camera, not like a lot of people who now buys a 600$ camera that makes good quality shooting, but normally those people only use automatic mode, loosing all the power of the camera.

    So in summary my contact with the photography is pure hobby, just to entertain myself and get some nice memories from places, people and moments I lived. Lately, I been a bit busy with other matters related to Informatics, but I am still making some pictures sometimes. I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for watching it :)

    My Interests

    • Computers, software, operative systems, admin, networks, etc and also games ;).
    • Mobile devices, phones, tablets, etc.
    • Sports, ski, mountain bike, ...
    • Hanging out, music, travel ...
    • And some other things, i like too many things ;)
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    Roi Otero Morales

    Al. Zygmunta Krasinskiego 24A Door 11, Krakow, Poland


    +48 536 76 77 69

    Camiño dos Nancales nº27, Valadares (Vigo), Pontevedra, Spain


    +34 665 90 30 85

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